RISTO has been at the forefront of mobile and cloud computing technologies since 2010, having built and deployed scalable applications and systems with more than a 100 million downloads and more than a billion monthly transactions. RISTO is based in Singapore - with offices in Jakarta Indonesia.

We at RISTO have the experience and expertise to design, develop, deploy innovative and creative solutions and systems. User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX) is at the core of our mantra to design usable solutions for the man in the street.


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We work closely with our clients throughout the development process, from your initial concept to the actual product, in order to ensure we exceed your expectations and needs.

Systems Development

Cutting edge cloud technologies built on Node.js, MongoDB


User Interface & User Experience design services for Apps & Systems

Apps Development

Native app development on iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10


  Your Cloud Applications  

Technology platform to run your business cost effectively

Asset Tracking

RISTOcloudsuite Asset Tracking Solution is an integrated secure cloud based system incorporating mobile hardware with options for RFID or AutoID technology for a complete asset tracking solution. The system is easily configurable allowing your organization to track, manage ownership & location of your assets, to collect usage data and to report on all activities related to the assets.

Security Tour

RISTOcloudsuite Security Tour solution is an integrated and secure cloud based system incorporating mobile hardware with RFID technology for a complete security guard tour / patroling solution. This system is easily configurable allowing the security team to plan, conduct, monitor and record security tours while tracking that tasks are completed in the right order and schedule.


  Connecting You To Your Audience  

We specialize in helping top brands and advertisers effectively reach out to their audience.

Mobile Ads

We brings you the power of Rich Media, Interactive, Video and Custom ads to your mobile devices.

WiFi Ads

Effectively monetize and manage ads on WiFi Hotspots and Captive Portals with RISTOconnect.

Advanced Targeting

RISTOconnect's Advanced Targeting capabilities help you effectively reach your intended audience!

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Some of our customers with great brands stand as testimonies to the quality of our work

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